University Selection Procedures:


CCG is your trusted consulting agency, offering a comprehensive approach to help students select the best programs abroad based on their educational background. We are the official representative of both public and private universities.

Guaranteed Admission:


Our specialized team assists students in fulfilling admission requirements, securing admission letters for each student. We offer support in gathering essential documents and handling all pre-enrollment procedures.



We assist students by supplying required sample documents and applying for scholarships, if available, to their chosen universities. Our support ensures securing scholarships, considering both family income and merit.

Educational Visa


We offer expert guidance to students applying for student visas in various countries. We assist in obtaining essential documents like the Student Visa, Declaration of Value (DOV), Statement of Comparability, and other required paperwork.

Welcoming Upon


Upon arrival, our coordinators meet students at the airport or central station, providing essential assistance. Our team caters to their needs during orientation days and maintains consistent communication, ensuring a seamless experience.

Sim, Bank and
Transportation card:


Our coordinators in every city will help you get a SIM card for communicating with your relatives and parents and opening bank accounts to receive scholarships and monthly transportation cards in the city they study.